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How to use the onetime Mask?
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How to use the onetime Mask?

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How to use the onetime Mask?


Both disposable medical masks and medical surgical masks are used for a limited time, and the cumulative use does not exceed 8 hours. Occupational exposure personnel do not use masks for more than 4 hours and cannot be reused. Otherwise, there may already be a lot of viruses on the outer layer of the mask.


However, if it is an ordinary person, they do n’t touch people with disposable masks, and they do n’t have stocks of masks, and they ca n’t buy them. After the disposable mask is scientifically sterilized, it can still be reused.



Disposable masks need to grasp two principles for scientific disinfection: one is high temperature and the other is anhydrous. Because static electricity is most afraid of water, fumigation with water vapor at high temperature is completely wrong.


Disposable mask scientific disinfection method is dry heat disinfection method, the simplest is to throw it in the household tableware disinfection cabinet to disinfect.

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