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How to protect yourself from Coronavirus?
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How to protect yourself from Coronavirus?

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How to protect yourself from coronavirus?

There are many cases of pneumonia caused by new-type coronavirus infection. At present, the season of high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases is in the spring. Citizens should take personal protection. If you have fever or respiratory infection symptoms, please go to a medical institution in time.

Wearing masks, washing hands, and ventilating are all very effective preventive measures. How should we choose to face the various masks in the store?  that ordinary medical personnel usually wear medical surgical masks without excessive protection.

The common masks on the market can be divided into three categories: medical surgical masks, medical protective masks (N95 masks), and ordinary cotton yarn masks.

Medical surgical masks generally have three layers, from the outside to the inside are a waterproof layer, a filter layer, and a comfort layer. The comfort layer is a layer of gauze. When wearing, the white gauze is facing inward, the blue waterproof layer is facing outward, and the side with the metal sheet Face up, don't wear the reverse, hang the rubber band on both ears, pinch the metal sheet and fit the nose, smooth the cheeks, make sure there is no gap between the mask and the face, and the medical surgical mask can block 70% of the pathogenic bacteria.

Medical protective masks, which are commonly used N95 masks, are actually divided into two types: one is a bio-proof mask (blue-green), model 1860 or 9132; one is a dust-proof mask (white), model 8210. Citizens should choose bio-proof medical protective masks when purchasing. 95 masks can block 95% of pathogenic bacteria.

The cotton gauze mask may be made of cotton, gauze, wool, canvas, and velvet. The material itself is not dense enough to prevent infection and can only block 36% of pathogenic bacteria.

If people go to general open-air public places and do not come in close contact with respiratory patients, wearing medical surgical masks is sufficient without over-protection. However, if you come into contact with a patient suspected of having a respiratory infection, you need to wear a biologically-resistant N95 mask to provide effective protection.

However, masks should not be worn for long periods of time. In order to prevent infection, some people may wear medical masks all day long, but this will make the nasal mucosa fragile, lose the original physiological function of the nasal cavity, and reduce resistance, so it can be avoided in places with low population density and more airy places.

The medical mask is folded and stored in a ziplock bag when not in use. It is not recommended to take off the mask and put it directly in the pocket or bag. This will easily cause secondary contamination of the medical mask. It must be folded into a clean ziplock bag and the contact mouth Fold the nose side inward.

How to protect yourself and others from illness? The World Health Organization reminds you to wash your hands frequently (use soap and water or alcohol-containing hand sanitizers), cover your mouth and nose with tissues or bend your elbows when you cough and sneeze, and avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms , Thoroughly cook meat and eggs when cooking, avoid contact with wild animals and poultry and livestock when unprotected

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