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FDA standard for KN95?
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FDA standard for KN95?

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FDA standard for KN95?

The Chinese standard GB2626-2006 refers to the ordinary KN95 mask standard.

The medical KN95 mask standard is GB19083-2010.

(Similarly, ordinary people and medical personnel who are not exposed to high-pressure liquid spray can use ordinary KN95 masks.)

Respiratory protective mask——Chinese standard GB2626-2006:

KN90: PFE> = 90%

KN95: PFE> = 95%

In summary, in order to fully defend against viruses, the higher the index, the better. If you ca n’t buy it, lowering the level is still far better than cloth masks.

Surgical masks-Chinese standards:

YY0469-2011: BFE> = 95%, PFE> = 30%

GB19083-2010 Level 1: PFE> = 95%

GB19083-2010 Level 2: PFE> = 99%

GB19083-2010 Level 3: PFE> = 99.97%

The role of FDA-certified masks

A mask is a loose, disposable device that forms a physical barrier between the wearer's mouth and nose and creates potential contaminants in the immediate environment. Don't share the mask, you can mark the mask as surgical, isolated, dental or medical Procedure mask. They may or may not come with a mask.


The masks have different thicknesses and different capabilities to prevent you from contacting the liquid. If worn properly, the masks can help block large particles of droplets, splashes, sprays or splashes that may contain bacteria (viruses and bacteria), preventing them from entering the mouth and nose, Masks can also help reduce the exposure of saliva and respiratory secretions to others. Masks are protective masks for humans and require FDA certification.


FDA standard for KN95 that means meeting Chinese standards and American standards

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