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CE standard for onetime masks?
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CE standard for onetime masks?

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CE standard for onetime masks?

A face mask is a sanitary product, generally refers to a device worn on the nose and nose to filter the air entering the nose and nose to prevent harmful gases, odors, and droplets from entering and leaving the wearer's nose and nose, and is made of gauze or paper. Masks have a certain filtering effect on the air entering the lungs. When respiratory infections are prevalent, wearing masks has a very good effect when working in a polluted environment such as dust. Masks can be divided into air filter masks and air supply mouths.


Masks for CE certification EN149 testing items:


1. Appearance




3. Obstacle test


4. Headband


5. Exhalation valve


6. Pretreatment


7. Breathing resistance


8. Air leakage coefficient


9. Carbon dioxide concentration


10. Actual wearing


EU EN149: 2001 testing standards:


Respiratory protection. Filter half masks for particle protection. Requirements, inspection and marking


FFP1: Minimum filtering effect> 80%


FFP2: Minimum filtering effect> 94%


FFP3: Minimum filtering effect> 97%


1 、Maximum allowable dust penetration value Maximum Penetration: Air flow rate at 95 LPM


2, Initial test Allowable flow resistance differential pressure (DELTA P)

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