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CE standard for n95?
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CE standard for n95?

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CE standard for n95?

N series is American standard

All 95 starts with N95 series

n95 is produced according to the American standard NOISH, the manufacturers are 3M and Honeywell;

Medical n95 masks need to be protected against high-pressure liquid splashing, so it has higher standards than ordinary n95; taking 3M as an example, models 1860 and 9132 are the most commonly used medical protective masks.

In addition, there are 1860s for children. Ordinary people or medical personnel who are not exposed to high-pressure liquid spray can choose ordinary n95 masks that meet the NOISH standard.

Respiratory protective masks-American standard NOISH:

N90: PFE> = 90%

N95: PFE> = 95%

Surgical Mask-American Standard ASTM F2100:

LEVEL1: BFE> = 95%, PFE> = 95%

LEVEL2: BFE> = 98%, PFE> = 98%

LEVEL3: Same as LEVEL2, other indicators are better

The CE mark is not a quality mark, it is a mark representing that the product has complied with the European standards of safety / health / environmental protection / sanitation and other series. All products sold in the European Union must be CE marked. CE certified There are two types of masks: medical masks, standard: EN 14683: 2014 Medical and civilian masks, standard: EN 149: 2001 A1: 2009

This means that N95 masks must also be CE marked.

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